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Browse Spreadsheets - Business & Finance : 1-50 newest programs

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  • Bluetooth Advertising software  1)   Bluetooth Advertising software 4.1.5
    Bluetooth Advertising Software is a bluetooth advertising marketing software application that allows businesses to deliver advertising files direct to consumers' cell phones and mobile devices via bluetooth.

  • PDF Content Split SA  4)   PDF Content Split SA 3.12
    This is an ideal product if you had for example a PDF statement that needed splitting up on account number, PDF Content Split would do this with ease

  • Rapid PDF Count  5)   Rapid PDF Count 5.05
    Rapid PDF Count will show you how many pages are in many PDF's and generate reports for you with a few mouse clicks.

  • PDF Bookmark Print  6)   PDF Bookmark Print 1.17
    PDF Bookmark Print is an Acrobat plug-in tool for full version of Acrobat Standard / Professional. The tool is used to print specific bookmarks, simple easy tree selection of bookmarks. Search and mark options, print index based on selected bookmarks

  • Barcode Add in for Word and Excel  7)   Barcode Add in for Word and Excel 10.9
    Easily generate barcodes in Microsoft Word and Excel with this add-in. The add-in changes the selected data to a barcode when applied. In Excel, it may be used to convert an entire column or row of data into barcodes.

  • DoneEx XCell Compiler  8)   DoneEx XCell Compiler 2.3.5
    Excel workbook copy protection tool, compiles XLS to EXE application (which requires MS Excel to run) with securely hidden formulas and VBA code. Main features:copy protection with regkey; create trial/demo of workbook;

  • MITCalc - Bolted connection  9)   MITCalc - Bolted connection 1.21
    Geometrical design and strength check of a prestressed bolt connection, loaded by static or cyclic loading resp., acting both in the axis of the bolt and in the plane of the connected parts. Calculation support many 2D CAD systems

  • US Mileage Charts  10)   US Mileage Charts 3
    North American Mileage Charts and Tables stored as Excel 2007 workbooks, including travel times and distances for both the fastest and shortest routes. Includes a table for N.America; plus tables for every US State and Canadian Territory.

  • Excel to MySQL Converter Software  11)   Excel to MySQL Converter Software
    MS Excel to MySQL database conversion tool is complete solution for DBA, programmers or beginners to quickly migrate MS Excel worksheet to My SQL database records accurately in a few mouse clicks without wasting time in lengthy scripting or coding.

  • MITCalc - Tolerances  12)   MITCalc - Tolerances 1.18
    Calculation includes tables and calculations for easy option of fits of machine parts and determination of their dimensional tolerances and deviations. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units.

  • MITCalc - Welded connections  13)   MITCalc - Welded connections 1.13
    The calculation is intended for the geometrical design and strength control of statically loaded welded connections. Application supports Imperial and Metric units, is based on ANSI, ISO, DIN standards and support many 2D and 3D CAD systems

  • Excel Worksheet Separator  14)   Excel Worksheet Separator
    A professional tool can help you to separate multiple excel workbook files in the easiest and fastest way.You can use the check box to mark the workbookand worksheet which you need.then separate what you selected.

  • Teameeting excel addin  15)   Teameeting excel addin 1-002
    The software focuses on the actual process of recurrent work meetings: preparing the meetings; with agenda, managing the meetings; with follow up meeting decisions and tasks, keeping records of every meeting; with meeting minutes. Simple Excel add-in

  • SigFig  16)   SigFig 1.0
    SigFig is an Excel add-in. It displays numbers in engineering format to a specific number of signficant figures, and improves the precision of numbers entered in Excel and Excel calculations.

  • Corrupt xlsx2csv  17)   Corrupt xlsx2csv 1.0
    This program will extract and convert worksheets to CSV even from damaged or corrupted Excel 2007 xlsx files. It succeeds at doing so where Excel 2007 itself fails to salvage data. The program is coded in Perl/Tk with a GUI interface.

  • Query Manager for Excel  18)   Query Manager for Excel 1.1
    Query Manager is a powerful reporting solution for corporate and small business users of Microsoft Excel. The task of extracting subsets of data, comparing lists, or summarizing information is simplified with the Query Manager software.

  • Print Designer GOLD  19)   Print Designer GOLD
    A single, powerful product for all your printing needs! Print Designer GOLD allows you to create great looking Business Cards, Address and Shipping Labels, CD DVD Labels and Inserts, Envelopes, Post Cards, Name Badges, Signs and other media labels.

  • Label Designer Plus DELUXE  20)   Label Designer Plus DELUXE
    A single, powerful product for all your labeling needs! Label Designer Plus DELUXE allows you to create great looking Address and Shipping Labels, CD and DVD Labels and Inserts, Envelopes, Post Cards, Name Badges, Signs and other media labels.

  • Business Opportunity  21)   Business Opportunity 1.0
    Business opportunities online. How to start your own business online. Read this information if you are looking for a business opportunity and want to get started easily. You can get going with zero investment and you don't need a product of your own.

  • Business Card Designer Plus  22)   Business Card Designer Plus
    Business Card Designer Plus allows you to create stunning business cards on any Windows compatible printer. With this software you can create your own business cards in literally seconds. It is that easy to use!

  • cheap web hosting KW  23)   cheap web hosting KW 1.02
    Good Australian web hosting from Lake Hosting in Queensland, Australia. Serving clients worldwide with cheap website hosting services from 10 state-of-the-art data centers.

  • HIPAA Security Rule Assistant  24)   HIPAA Security Rule Assistant 10.5
    HIPAA Security Rule Assistant provides HIPAA covered entities a program to learn and understand the HIPAA Security Rule. It contains Risk Analysis worksheet, sample policy templates, sample disaster recovery plan and Incident Report form, and more.

  • Australian web Hosting KW  25)   Australian web Hosting KW 1
    Good Australian web hosting from Lake Hosting in Queensland, Australia. Serving clients worldwide with cheap website hosting services from 10 state-of-the-art data centers.

  • Serviced Offices  27)   Serviced Offices 09
    How to find the right office solution for you. An introduction to serviced offices and why they are perfect for any business start up.

  • OB Text Manager  29)   OB Text Manager 1.3
    OB Text Manager is a Microsoft Excel add-in that gives you the power to fast manipulate large amounts of text. Easily find and remove duplicates, merge the contents of selected cells , remove special characters and change case in various ways.

  • Google Cash System  30)   Google Cash System 2.5.02
    The Google Cash System is a new method of making money online. It involves basic data entry work, so anyone can do it. I have only been doing it for about 1 week now, but so far, the money has been great.

  • Stock Volatility Calculator  31)   Stock Volatility Calculator 1
    This is a free spreadsheet that downloads free historical stock data from the Yahoo database into the spreadsheet and calculates the historical (or realized) volatility of the selected stock and graphs the result.

  • Google Shadow  32)   Google Shadow v1.0
    Google Shadow Software - Advance PPC Marketing Tool by Day Job Killer Team. Created for the world's top internet marketers for online web promotion. Advance strategies and automation software to help businesses and work at home businessmen.

  • VirtualGPS  33)   VirtualGPS 1.37
    VIRTUAL GPS - is a free software which works like real GPS (using information from cellular towers), but returns less accurate position. Accuracy of coordinates is about 200m in the urban area and up to 5km in the countryside.

  • TreeSheets  35)   TreeSheets 2009-1-25
    A free form hierarchical information organizer. The ultimate replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, PIMs, text editors and small databases.

  • Product Scope  36)   Product Scope 8
    Keep price quotes on products you want to buy - Products you need to buy, wish lists, grocery lists, MORE! Spreadsheet Reports - Easily copy data to other programs! QUICK ToDo list maker! Software Organizer! Personal Inventory! Profile Exchanges!

  • SMS Timer - SMS Scheduler application  37)   SMS Timer - SMS Scheduler application 1.0.0
    SMSTimer is an advanced SMS Scheduler application that can manage 1,600 character SMS and can manage upto 1,000 scheduled SMS at one time.You have detailed reports from the Sent Items and "real" delivery reports as sent by the network provider.

  • MobiMonster Weather Forecast  38)   MobiMonster Weather Forecast 2.0.0
    An easy to use Mobile Application that provides you with an accurate five day worldwide weather forecast for any worldwide location/city. This mobile application is compatible for Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 devices.

  • Green Phone (An eco friendly application  39)   Green Phone (An eco friendly application 2.0.0
    MobiMonster GreenPhone (Eco-friendly application): GreenPhone is a first of it's kind Eco-friendly application for Symbian Series 60 devices which allows you to save on your phone's battery and charger life.

  • Flight Status (Delays) & Schedules  40)   Flight Status (Delays) & Schedules 2.0.0
    Flight Services is an advanced Mobile application that connects your handsets to a worldwide database of Airlines and Airports to obtain accurate Flight delays for hundreds of airlines and Flight schedules for any two worldwide cities.

  • FastWeightLoss  41)   FastWeightLoss 1.0
    Health and fitness website with a strong focus on how to lose weight fast, dieting, weight loss pills,how to get toned and have a six pack. An up to date and focussed organisation with a commitment to providing accurate and detailed fitness and heal

  • BlueActive  43)   BlueActive 1.0
    BlueActive allows your customers to request selected files or specific information. In this way is them, who come to your shop, window, wall, advertising, map, or restaurant and request the information they need.

  • BlueRent  44)   BlueRent 3.0
    Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongel range, all you need is BlueLive and Bluetooth dongel and a PC

  • WEBWAP  46)   WEBWAP 1.00
    free WAP upload service allowing users to upload their own pictures, videos, ringtones, java games, music and more to their mobile phone for free via WAP

  • MITCalc - Multi pulley calculation  47)   MITCalc - Multi pulley calculation 1.18
    The calculation is developed for geometrical designs of belt and chain transmissions with more sprocket wheels. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language, supports Imperial and Metric units and support many 2D CAD systems.

  • Email Marketing  48)   Email Marketing 1.0
    E-mail marketing advertising wizard. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience.

  • Fly Fishing Reels  49)   Fly Fishing Reels 1.0
    Fly fishing reels advertising wizard. The guide to fly fishing offers access to quality fly fishing reels at low prices plus a free guide to fly fishing basics for beginners and pros.

  • PC Computer Repair  50)   PC Computer Repair 1.0
    PC Computer Repair, advertising wizard. PC Computer Repair is an online computer repair website that provides access to computer repair tools that anyone can use to repair their personal or business computer at home or work.

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